About Nastystop



Nastystop was conceived by business partners Mark Johnston and Wayne Thomas. Both Mark and Wayne have worked in the building industry as roofing contractors for over 30 years. Most of their work has been completed in Europe, but they have now expanded their business to include Australia due to demand. This product has been widely used in many countries and is now available here.

Mark and Wayne understand the need for a product like Nastystop, and are pleased to now offer it across Australia.

Nastystop is the first of many products that will become available in Australia.

The Nastystop Idea

The Nastystop idea is not new, similar products have been available in Europe for many years. What makes Nastystop different from these products is the far superior material it is manufactured from. Where as similar products in Europe are made from plastic, Nastystop is made from zincalume which is rust resistant and is much more suited to Australia climate.

Nastystop is an innovative product specifically designed for the Australian market. Corrugated iron roofs in Europe are mainly used on sheds, warehouses, industrial buildings, in Australia we have a strong affinity with corrugated roofs.  But as we know corrugated roofs have some major draw backs and Nastystop was developed to fix one of them, to keep the little nasties OUT!

If you would like to know more about Nastystop please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03 5261 2667 or email info@nastystop.net.