How Nastystop Helps

innerpage-banner-pestsNastystop’s function is to keep animals, birds, fire embers or that matter anything out of your roof that does not belong there. For those that have ever had a possum or rat problem will know, they are very noisy, smelly and hard to get out of your roof.

Benefits of Nastystop

  1. Nastystop keeps animals and birds out of your roof cavity.
  2. Nastystop is maintenance free.
  3. Naststop is Guaranteed for Life.
  4. Nastystop is strong and flexible (rats or mice cannot eat through steel).
  5. Nastystop is manufactured from zincalume which is rust resistant.
  6. Nastystop can aid in helping to prevent burning embers entering the roof space in the case of a bush fire.
  7. You can use Nastystop in eaves and valleys.
  8. You can use Nastystop on tiled and corrugated iron roofs.
  9. Nastystop can be installed on existing homes and new homes.
  10. Nastystop is inexpensive.
  11. Nastystop is very lightweight and extremely durable.
  12. Nastystop’s universal design allows it to fit any profile.
  13. Quick and Easy to install.
  14. Nastystop will not warp, melt or become brittle like similar plastic products on the market.

Keeping the nasties out of your roof

Nastystop keeps animals and birds out of your roof cavity. Here are a list of animals and birds which are known to make their homes in your roof:

  • Possums
  • Rats and Mice
  • Birds
  • Snakes

Did you know that a mouse is capable of squeezing their body through a 5mm wide gap.